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Cute Dogs Sticky Note

Place of origin: China
Business Type: Manufacturers, Exporters
Brand name: OEM /ODM
Certificate: CE,ISO9001
Payment and Shipping Terms: negotiation
Minimum order quantity: negotiation
Price: negotiation
Packing details: Tray or bagged
Delivery time: negotiation
Payment method: negotiation

A sticky note sketchbook is a type of notebook that includes pages with adhesive on one side, allowing you to stick notes or sketches to various surfaces, such as walls, computer monitors, or other pages in the sketchbook. These types of sketchbooks have removable and repositionable notes, so you can organize your notes and sketches in a flexible way.
The pages of a sticky note sketchbook can come in a variety of colors and sizes. Some sketchbooks include perforated pages, which allow you to easily tear out individual sticky notes for sharing or posting.
They can be used for a wide range of purposes, such as brainstorming and mind-mapping, note-taking, project planning, and organization, creating to-do lists, or simply as a place to jot down quick thoughts or ideas. Some professionals like architects, designers or engineers use it to make quick sketches or note down ideas during the creative process, since they can stick them anywhere, to a wall, board, or computer monitor.

Color-changing embossing process

The material is discolored by hot pressing, and the discolored leather is more suitable.

Delijia classic, highly recommended.

Romantic Dandelion Skin Noodles

  • Horizontal note
  • Three sizes
Custom ironing process

It can be used for hot-stamping gold, silver, black gold, color gold, etc., suitable for small-area hot-stamping on PP board, reverse side, paper surface and other materials.

Delijia classic, popular recommendation.

PP face binder notepad

  • PP surface
  • Loose-leaf core
  • Horizontal note
Custom screen printing process

Spot color ink printing, suitable for PP sheet, PVC, paper, etc.

Delijia classic, highly recommended.

PP coil notebook

  • Horizontal note
  • PP surface waterproof and dustproof
  • Tearable
Our Strength

Adhering to the business philosophy of "innovation, never-ending; quality, excellence", building a brand-oriented, innovative enterprise is always the pursuit of Delijia. We have successfully built the four brands of “Deli Jia”, “Yinglijia”, “Rice Rabbit” and “Mingzhi” to meet the needs of different customers. Through the efforts of Delijia people for nearly 20 years, we has gradually been famous Custom Cute Dogs Sticky Note Suppliers and OEM/ODM Cute Dogs Sticky Note company, and been recognized by the society and partners. In 2002, it passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification; in 2004, the “Delijia” trademark was recognized as a famous trademark in Taizhou, and participated in the drafting of the national “book industry standard”; in 2005, it was awarded “Zhejiang Patent Demonstration Enterprise”. He has obtained more than 130 national patents; in 2009, he obtained the Zhejiang Provincial Publication “Printing Business License” and became the only company in Huangyan District that has the qualification for publication printing; in 2010, he passed the FSC/COC World Forest Certification and DISNEY audited the factory and was awarded the top 100 enterprises in Huangyan District of Taizhou City since 2012.

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