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Our Story

Founded in 1995, Zhejiang Delijia Stationery Co., Ltd. is located in Taizhou City, a coastal city in the middle of Zhejiang Province. It is a modern enterprise that produces office books, student books and plastic stationery. At present, it covers an area of more than 18,500 square meters, with a construction area of more than 30,000 square meters, and has more than 500 registered employees. It has a complete set of high-quality and feasible management modes from research and development, procurement, production, quality assurance to sales. Delijia existing Heidelberg four-color machine, folding machine, Martini automatic sewing machine, matching machine, glue machine, glue machine, Hao Youfu automatic leather machine, Kolbus hardcover production line with a full set of printing and binding equipment, the daily output of this book can reach 50,000. It has become one of the most competitive global suppliers in the stationery industry, and its products are exported to more than 30 countries and regions.

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Our History

  • 2002

    In September 2002, the company successfully passed the ISO9001-2000 quality certification system.
  • 2003

    The "Commodity Barcode Printing Qualification Certificate" promulgated by China Barcode Center in February was granted the right to self-export in June.
  • 2004

    March became a point of education for foreigners in Huangyan District;
    In April, Delijia stationery products were awarded as well-known trademarks in Taizhou;
    In September, he won the "Best Exhibition Award of China (Shanghai) International Stationery Expo 2004";
    In October, it was named Taizhou Famous Brand Product
  • 2005

    The Shenyang production base was officially put into operation in January;
    In February, he won the advanced team of “Creation” activities in Huangyan District;
    In February, he was awarded the title of “2004 Top 100 Enterprises in Huangyan District”;
    In February, it was awarded the “Key Key Enterprise” by the Huangyan District Committee of the CPC and the People’s Government of Huangyan District.
  • 2006

    April was named as “Party Construction Demonstration Point for Non-public Ownership Enterprises in Huangyan District” by the Organization Department of Huangyan District, Taizhou City;
    In April, it was awarded the “2005 Advanced Unit of Fire Fighting Work” by the Taizhou Municipal People's Government;
    In December, he became the vice president unit of Taizhou Intellectual Property Association of Taizhou Intellectual Property Protection Association;
    In December, it was named as the “Double Love Double Evaluation” advanced enterprise in Huangyan District by Huangyan District Federation of Trade Unions and Huangyan District Federation of Industry and Commerce;
    In December, it was rated as the home of advanced workers in Huangyan District by the Huangyan District Federation of Trade Unions
  • 2007

    April was named “Class-level Labor Relations Harmonious Enterprise” by the Leading Group for the Establishment of Labor Relations and Harmony Enterprise Activities in Huangyan District;
    In April, he was awarded the Excellent Organizational Unit of the Social Work Competition in Huangyan District by the Labor Competition Committee of Huangyan District of Taizhou City;
    In August, it was rated as “Zhejiang Industrial and Commercial Enterprise Credit AA Grade Contract-honoring and Credit Enterprise” by Taizhou Administration for Industry and Commerce;
    December became the "Outstanding Unit of Intellectual Property Work in Taizhou City in 2007";
    In December, it was once again awarded as Taizhou Famous Brand Product;
  • 2008

    In January, the original Xijiang Stationery Factory was merged into our company;
    In February, it was named “2007 Top 100 Enterprises in the Advanced Area of Huangyan District”;
    April became a three-star staff culture club;
    In July, our company successfully passed the “Zhejiang Patent Demonstration Enterprise Review”;
    Our company successfully passed the “Review of Zhejiang Green Enterprises”
  • 2009

    In January, it was rated as an advanced enterprise of “Double Love and Double Evaluation” in Taizhou City;
    In January, it was named "Taizhou Famous Trademark";
    In March, it was rated as “Advanced Unit of Public Security in Taizhou City”
    In June, the company obtained the “Registration Certificate for the Exit Bamboo and Bamboo Products Manufacturers”
    In July, it was awarded the “Printing Business License for Publications” by the Zhejiang Press and Publication Bureau.
  • 2010

    Awarded “2009 Corporate Credit Rating AA+” by the Agricultural Bank of China Taizhou Branch
    Obtained FSC-COC forest system certification
    In October, it was recognized as “Zhejiang Industrial and Commercial Enterprise Credit AA Grade Contract-honoring and Credit Enterprise”. Tr
    Our company is also the governing unit of Zhejiang Packaging and Printing Association and the standing director unit of the Professional Committee of Paper Products of China Culture and Education Sporting Goods Association. It has participated in the drafting of the National Book Industry Standard.
  • 2011

    In November, he won the Zhejiang Cultural Industry Innovation Award.
  • 2013

    Was awarded the key enterprise of Taizhou cultural export;
    Won the Taizhou Import and Export Code of Conduct enterprise;
    The comprehensive office building was successfully completed;
    In November, the E-commerce Department was established.
  • 2015

    Successfully passed ISO14001:2004 Environmental Management System Certification in March.
  • 2017

    April Established Shanghai Design Center.

Our Strength

Adhering to the business philosophy of "innovation, never-ending; quality, excellence", building a brand-oriented, innovative enterprise is always the pursuit of Delijia. We have successfully built the four brands of “Deli Jia”, “Yinglijia”, “Rice Rabbit” and “Mingzhi” to meet the needs of different customers. Through the efforts of Delijia people for nearly 20 years, the company has gradually been recognized by the society and partners. In 2002, it passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification; in 2004, the “Delijia” trademark was recognized as a famous trademark in Taizhou, and participated in the drafting of the national “book industry standard”; in 2005, it was awarded “Zhejiang Patent Demonstration Enterprise”. He has obtained more than 130 national patents; in 2009, he obtained the Zhejiang Provincial Publication “Printing Business License” and became the only company in Huangyan District that has the qualification for publication printing; in 2010, he passed the FSC/COC World Forest Certification and DISNEY audited the factory and was awarded the top 100 enterprises in Huangyan District of Taizhou City since 2012.

A Message from the Founder

Welcome to join Delijia, a dynamic family! Delijia is committed to building a world-class stationery manufacturer in this book, and is determined to become the world leader in stationery. Your arrival will definitely add a new vitality and vitality to Delijia Stationery.

- Delijia will be proud of you! Thank you!

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