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What are the useful tips for starting a sketchbook

What is a Sketchbook? A sketchbook is an art journal that focuses on documenting the external world. The contents of a sketchbook may include nature and travel sketches. The sketchbook is a visual record of the artist's travels and inner journeys. It also documents his or her compositional ideas. A sketchbook can be a powerful tool for creativity. Here are some useful tips for starting your own sketchbook. 
A sketchbook is the ultimate artist's companion. Artists spend hours every day with a sketchbook, telling it everything they think and feel. Some sketchbooks are so filled with drawings, they feel like mobile art galleries. A sketchbook is a private place where an artist can pour his or her ideas and unconscious information. It can be a powerful reflection tool to find your own artistic style. And, unlike a traditional art journal, a sketchbook is completely private.
Before starting your Sketchbook, you must decide which type of media you will use to create your art. This will determine the appropriate kind of paper to use. For instance, pencil and colored pencil sketches are fine on a thin 20-pound sketchbook, while other tools, like watercolor paint or markers, will require thicker paper. An overview of art papers is available in an extensive guide. You should choose a sketchbook that matches the type of media you plan to use.
Another great reason to start a Sketchbook is to express yourself. It's a safe place to experiment, and you can keep your sketches private, no one will see them. Sketchbooks are a great way to make mistakes, so try something new! The experience and confidence gained through drawing are worth their weight in gold! The possibilities are endless. In addition to that, a Sketchbook journal allows you to experiment with different mediums and techniques, allowing you to learn what works for you.

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