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What is the difference between A5 and B5

I often hear people around me use A5 and B5 to describe the size of a loose-leaf notebook. What is the difference between A5 and B5?
Both A5 and B5 describe the size of notebooks. A5 and B5 are the two most commonly used sizes of loose-leaf notebooks. A5 is a 6-hole loose-leaf book, that is, the binder inside is a 6-hole binder, and the paper of the book matches. It is also a 6-hole loose-leaf inner core paper, and A5 is also called 32 open. The specific inner page size is 142*208MM, and the finished outer skin size is 17.5*23CM because the outer skin of the loose-leaf notebook is added on the basis of the inner core. The size of the loose-leaf ring and the outer cover, so the outer size is larger than the inner page;
The specific finished product size of the B5 loose-leaf notebook is 21*27CM, and the inner page size is 18*26CM, which is much larger than the A5 notebook. The B5 size is also called 16 open. It is a loose-leaf notebook with 9 holes in the inner page. Therefore, it is also called a 9-hole notebook. The size of the notebook of this specification is relatively large and the writing feeling is better. It is suitable for use in high-end offices and conference rooms. The above is the difference between the loose-leaf notebook A5 and B5.

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