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Why insist on writing notes in a notebook

People who take the subway, bus, or even walking on the road will stare at their mobile phones. Notebooks are getting out of everyone’s field of vision. How many people are still writing every day, and how many people are already writing.
The popularization of computers and the development of the Internet are an inevitable trend. Nowadays, using traditional handwritten notebooks to write notes seems a bit old-fashioned. And now that typing on the keyboard replaces manual writing, fewer people are able to write notes with pen and paper from scratch. In fact, most people with successful careers still hold a notebook and a signature pen in their hands. There is still a lot of room for the development of Shenzhen notebooks.
The popularity of the Internet has broadened our horizons. There are a lot of information resources flooding into everyone’s minds. The human brain is constantly recalling new information every day and looking through old information in the past, although many times it does not Use this information. So, how can this information be more standardized! This requires the use of a traditional notebook, which can receive this information well, and the thinking will be much clearer.
Using a laptop is definitely safer and healthier than using network electronic products. For a long time, it has been easy for people to use mobile phones and computers. It is even worse for growing children, the Internet is too immature now! Regular notebooks can not only make people more focused, but also cultivate their ability to write and maintain their eyesight. It can also improve thinking, imagination, creativity, and become more and more able to write good characters. No matter how scientific, writing still needs to be written regularly. Many letters are used when writing, such as: motor nerve, sensory nerve, language center and other brain functions, so handwriting in a notebook is very important!