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Which imitation leather is better for custom notebooks

At present, there are generally three types of custom notebook leathers on the market: ordinary PVC leather, PU leather, and color-changing PU leather. The prices of these three types of imitation leather are from low to high, and PU color-changing leather is the best in feel and appearance.
1. PVC leather is called artificial leather or imitation leather. PVC leather is generally a lower-end product used in notebook customization. The cover leather is relatively hard and the feel is not as good as PU.
2. PU leather is usually cloth-based or knitted cloth-based on the back. It is a man-made synthetic material. It has the texture of leather and is very durable. The price and cost are higher than PVC artificial leather.
It is different from artificial leather in that it is closer to leather fabrics. It does not use plasticizers to achieve soft properties.
3. The color-changing PU has environmental protection green color, soft touch, second only to the leather texture, and has its unique characteristics (hot-pressing color change). The biggest advantage is that the hot-pressing leather surface will produce a gradient color effect, and the color of the advertising logo is embossed. Unlike leather,
Customized notebooks with discolored pu leather produce good visual effects, so they are loved by major companies.

So it ’s best to change color