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What preparations should be made for custom notepads

What preparations should be made for customized high-end notepads for enterprises
Before customizing the notebook, the enterprise should do a comprehensive collection and sorting of information, so that the selected and customized notebook will have a higher quality. So the question is, what preparations should be made when choosing a Shanghai high-end notebook manufacturer? The first is to summarize the style numbers of the notebooks. These determine what kind of notebooks you want to customize, and each style is different in size. , The notepad embodied is also different. Secondly, the materials involved in the notepad should be collected and screened, so that you can choose the appropriate materials later, and finally, you need to understand the size and binding method of the notepad, so as to facilitate the subsequent customization and make the correct choice.
How to choose the custom cover material for high-end notepads
Before customizing high-end notebooks, companies should know what type of notebooks they want to customize. Generally speaking, the customization of Shanghai high-end notebooks can be divided into office notebooks, business notebooks, gift notebooks, etc. The cover materials selected for different types of notebooks are different.
What are the main cover materials currently on the market
PU, color-changing PU, PVC, leather, felt, fabric, etc. Nowadays, PU and color-changing PU are more popular, and they are the two most popular choices for enterprises. As for the question of how to choose the cover material of Shanghai high-end notebooks, it depends on the purpose of the company's wholesale of Shanghai high-end notebooks.

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