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What material is the stationery box made of?

There are wood, metal, and fabric. Regarding the raw materials of the stylus pen boxes, now the high-end ones are generally made of tinplate. The quality of this material is relatively better. The bright tape does not need to be electroplated and the cost is low. In fact, there is no stipulation on what kind of raw materials must be used for the stylus pen box. It mainly depends on your market. The level of positioning, some use general raw materials, use good electroplating technology, the product will also be very good.
Stationery box, a box used by students to store stationery such as pens, pencils, rulers, and erasers. There are many types of textures, generally wood, iron, plastic and other products, with different shapes, mostly rectangular parallelepiped shapes.

There is also a kind of stationery box made of cloth, its real name is "pen bag", which is the "new favorite of stationery box" of primary and middle school students in recent years. It is easy to carry and practical, and it is very suitable for our children. There is also an automatic stationery box, which is characterized in that it is composed of an outer box body and an inner box body. The inner box body is movably inserted into one long side of the outer box body, and the upper edge of the other long side of the outer box body is hinged to connect the box. Lid, box lid is a box lid connected by two narrow lid hinges. A spring sheet is arranged on the outer short side of the outer box body, and the spring sheet passes through the outer box cover to reach the short side of the inner box body. The short side of the inner box body is provided with a plurality of grooves matched with the ends of the spring sheet. The effect of the invention is that the automatic pencil case and the body can be changed to be larger and smaller, and can adapt to the adjustment of the amount of stationery put in. Convenient and practical.