What kind of paper notebook do you like?


No loose leaf. Many people like loose-leaf pages becaus […]

What kind of paper notebook do you like?

No loose leaf. Many people like loose-leaf pages because they are easy to disassemble and can organize notes into different categories. I have tried loose-leaf for a while, but I always find it inefficient. In fact, the main function of paper notes is to "detract". That is to say, through notes, think of the situation and context of taking notes. Notes are always an aid to memory. Therefore, my notes are sorted by time. Because this is the most natural and best way to remember. Try it. When recalling a certain situation and a certain process, it must be organized in chronological order. Therefore, there is no need to use loose pages, because you only need to write down from the first page.


There are two problems with using loose-leaf pages: classification will interfere with the memory of the timeline, which is not convenient for recall; loose-leaf circles will seriously interfere with writing, which is far less convenient than non-leaf-leaf notebooks. Of course, this also varies depending on the purpose of the note. If you are writing a book and need the whole theory and outline, it is another matter. However, in this case, I would recommend you to use a computer. Use only the horizontal line book. If you use a lot of the book, you will find that no matter how fancy or complicated the inner page design is, it is not as effective as a simple blank. In fact, the inner page templates of many books on the market restrict thinking. The brain likes to diverge, and least likes restraint. Therefore, painting on a blank is the best way to remember. Furthermore, on a piece of white paper, you can organize your framework arbitrarily and construct a template that best suits your way of thinking. Those complicated notes are for lazy people, but do lazy people take good notes? Then why use a lined notebook instead of white paper? Because the horizontal line provides a reference line, the notes can be neatly made. The horizontal lines of some notebooks are light in color, which provides alignment without affecting the drawing. This type of notebook is the best choice. Can be spread evenly at 180 degrees. There is no high-quality notebook that cannot be flattened at 180 degrees. Once you have used a laptop that can be flattened, you won't want to use a non-flattenable notebook anymore.

The width should be large. Frequent line breaks when taking notes will seriously affect the efficiency and mood of the notes. So the width of the notebook should be large. Ordinary A5 notebooks are too small in width, and A5 notebooks like Midori MD are much more comfortable to write. The quality of the paper should be commensurate with the pen. Different pens have different requirements for paper quality. Like the famous Moleskine, it is not suitable for writing with a pen. Generally speaking, the paper quality is slightly slippery and impervious. It should not be too thick, otherwise it is inconvenient to carry. It cannot be too slippery, otherwise it will not be easy to write well. Of course, it is also related to the purpose. If you write few words, you can use kraft paper. It will feel very comfortable. Abandon all decorations. Note is for content. All decorations are useless. Of course, I took my own time to decorate the notebook very beautifully. It has its own characteristics and is not included in this list.

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