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What is the function of the notepad?

As the name suggests, the notebook originally refers to a booklet used to record various things in Bai. There are many kinds of notebooks in this volume. Leather and pp materials can be used for the cover. The binding forms are: paperback notebooks, loose-leaf notebooks, ring-bound notebooks, hardcover notebooks. There are many companies specializing in the production of brochures and notepads in Beijing, and Mingchuangben is one of them.
   The English name is: WORDPAD or NOTEPAD.
   now generally refers to a simple text editing and browsing software notepad.exe that comes with the Windows operating system.

   (However, there are two different versions in Windows 9x and Windows XP, and they are not interchangeable.)
   Notepad can only handle plain text files, but because the source codes in multiple formats are all plain text, Notepad has become the most used source code editor.
   It only has the most basic editing functions, so it is small in size, quick to start, low in memory, and easy to use.
   Although the function of "Notepad" is not even comparable to "WordPad", it still has its own unique skills. Let's take a look at the notepad below. Compared with Microsoft Word, the function of "Notepad" is really too thin, only: new, save, print, search, replace these functions. But "Notepad" has an advantage that Word can't have: fast opening speed and small files. I believe that everyone must be deeply touched by this point and open it at one point; the file size of the same text file saved in Word and saved in Notepad is very different, so it is best to save plain text below 64KB Still use Notepad.
Another irreplaceable function of    Notepad is: you can save unformatted files. You can save the edited file in Notepad as: ".html", ".java", ".asp" and other arbitrary formats. This makes "Notepad" find a new purpose: as a programming language editor. Open any introductory textbook that introduces a programming language, and it will suggest students to write source programs in a notebook.
   An old trick used by Notepad, input: ".LOG" at the beginning of the Notepad file, and then every time you open the file, it will automatically record the time the text was opened.