What is the difference between a pocket book and a diary?


The difference between a pocket book and a diary, how t […]

What is the difference between a pocket book and a diary?

The difference between a pocket book and a diary, how to use a pocket book, is the answer I have been looking for, but now I am getting closer to the truth, and vaguely feel that I can catch the freedom I want in the pocket book.

1. What can the hand account do

The little book that you can use to keep track of things is the notebook. That being said, you may be a little confused and have a series of questions, such as: What is a diary? It's so complicated, we still don't explain what a pocket account is, let's just talk about what a pocket account can do. For Taozi who loves to travel, she has a formula: love to travel + love stationery = love to write a travel account, and fix the beauty of travel in the account. In the process of traveling, she finished her account. For example, in planning the itinerary, she will write down the packing list, shopping list, classic introduction, etc. The record at this time is in pure text form without any modification, but she will focus on the photos. After returning from the trip, I will print out the photos, do a lot of cute decorations around, superimpose materials of different materials, sizes and patterns to create a sense of hierarchy, and add small decorations such as seals and stickers to create a unique page of my own. .

Second, the necessary tools for the account

To be honest, when I saw a handbook made by someone else, I focused on the notebook, pen, inner pages, transparent stamps, tape and stickers. In view of my experience and the recommendations of the five handbook masters in "Collecting Little Days in the Handbook", I will recommend the handbook tools that are commonly used one by one for your reference. Notebook: For me, I have a simple notebook and a pen that always writes smoothly. With a passion for writing, I can make a beautiful notebook.

Because I am not good at writing narratives, every time I try to diary, I give up halfway. It started with "Today's balahblahbalah", but because of the inability to organize and construct, it gradually became a report on three meals a day, and then it became a one-sentence summary, and at the end there was not even a sentence. In comparison, hand accounts are more fragmented and have more functions (such as monthly calendar, card clocking, accounting, etc.). Before the start of the day, you can create a to do list and draw the weather (for example, today is a sunny day^_^). Then you can write down every bit that can be recorded, bills, tickets, and even photos can be posted without deliberately considering typesetting issues. At the end of the day, fill it with borders, stickers, and graffiti, and it looks very satisfying. Personally, what attracts me most is the formal pursuit of "fullness." In order to fill the entire page and at the same time make it full of content, I will deliberately use my spare time to do more things, and then form one after another small pieces, filling in the blank corners of the day-half a year later, look back Actually, I have done a lot of interesting things. And these "excessive" attempts have mobilized the overall mental state, and coupled with the progress curve recorded day by day on the account, it has become more motivated to do business~

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