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What are the types of notepads

Whether it is the pursuit of fashion or the advocacy of characteristics, the number of people who choose notebook customization is gradually increasing. According to the spine of notebook notebooks, they are divided into the following types:
1. Square notebook notepad spine
Its thickness is thicker than the notebook core. Due to the folding and locking of the notebook notebook core, the height of the notebook notebook spine is higher than the notebook notebook core, and the more printed sheets, the more significant. Therefore, the hardcover notebook notebook with square notebook notebook spine should not be too thick, and it is generally suitable for notebook notebook spine within 20mm.
2. Round notebook notepad spine
Because the positions of the front and back notebook notepad posts are slightly different, the folds of the notebook notepad posts are slightly semicircular, distributed on an arc surface, and their thickness is balanced. The core and the opening of the notebook notepad conform to the convex round shape of the notebook notepad spine, which is a concave round shape. Therefore, it is better to use a circular notebook notebook spine for thicker graph notebook notebooks. The back spine of the round ridge notebook notepad is rounded into an arc shape. Generally, the thickness of the notebook notepad core is 130 degrees of the arc and the arc is 130 degrees. Round ridges can be divided into round back without ridges and round backs with ridges.
Notepad notebooks are divided by materials
1. Irregular material on the ridge
Notebook notepad spine and cover are made of different materials. Generally, fabric is used as notebook notepad spine, and paper is pasted on cardboard as the cover. This method is generally round ridges without protective seals.
2. The same material on the ridge
The notebook notepad spine and the cover and back cover are made of the same material as the whole piece. There are two types of square ridges and round ridges. Hardcover fabrics are multi-purpose paper, fabric, varnished paper, varnished cloth, etc., and are generally equipped with a protective seal. However, there is also a method in which the name and image of the notebook notebook are printed on the entire paper surface and laminated on the cardboard. This kind of notebook notebooks are mostly square ridges and do not have a protective cover. The selection of materials for custom notebook covers is also very important.