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What are the main categories of custom notebooks

Customized notebooks can be roughly classified into the following five types according to their purpose. Because notebook customization is the best publicity tool for companies to promote their own brands and enhance their corporate image.
1. General notes:
Ordinary notepad is the most common form of notepad, which only takes note information as the main function, and all the inner pages are written notepad handwriting. If it is an ordinary record book produced by a fixed enterprise or institution, it is often added on each page of the internal business that does not affect the identification of the main function of the record.
2. Business notes:
The most important feature of the business record book is that the inner pages can be divided into several parts according to the type of daily business activities, such as frequent meeting minutes, work plans, daily records, monthly summaries, etc. Users can record and archive information according to the corresponding items according to the information they have obtained.
3. Memo:
The notable feature of annotated notebooks is that the internal page numbers are typeset according to the page number or according to the plan. In order to facilitate the query, it is ensured that the recorded content and the date correspond one-to-one.
4. Gifts:
The gift box packaging makes it look like a gift, making the notebook more conspicuous, beautiful and exquisite.
5. Communication payment:
The most important feature of the communication notebook is its small size, which is convenient to carry and record at any time. There is a planned fixed mode table on the inner page, and the user only needs to fill in the required record information according to the standard