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What are the differences between PU synthetic leather notebook and real leather notebook

PU leather, the abbreviation of English ploy urethane, the scientific name is microfiber leather. The chemical Chinese name is "polyurethane". It is a material artificially synthesized through chemical molecules, so it is often called PU synthetic leather. Here we must pay attention to the difference between PVC artificial leather. PU synthetic leather is more expensive and of better quality than PVC artificial leather.
With the emergence of the third-generation superfine fiber PU synthetic leather, the non-woven fabric of its three-dimensional structure network creates conditions for synthetic leather to catch up with natural leather in terms of base material. It is comparable to high-grade natural leather in terms of internal microstructure, appearance, texture, physical properties, and people's wearing comfort. In addition, microfiber synthetic leather surpasses natural leather in terms of chemical resistance, quality uniformity, adaptability to large-scale production and processing, as well as water resistance and mildew resistance.

Therefore, the various excellent properties of synthetic leather cannot be replaced by natural leather. In the choice of cover material for leather notebooks, more and more PU synthetic leather is used to replace the leather cover. Because the retro notepad made of pu material is very good-looking, it is not easy to be damaged and it feels good when it is touched by the hand. PU leather is made by crushing some shredded fur, adding a binder, and pressing fur, ingredients or fur, but it is not a naturally grown fur.
As long as it is animal fur, no matter which layer it is, it is better than PU leather. There are three ways of PU material, the parting is ordinary PU material, PU material and PU discoloration material. Generally speaking, PU color-changing material is the most used in customized retro notepads, especially the logo made on PU color-changing material through the embossing process, will produce a natural color depth, the process is simple, and the samples are good-looking and generous and are well received by the market. A warm welcome.
It can be seen from the above characteristics that PU synthetic leather and real leather have their own advantages and disadvantages.
Compared with PU leather, real leather has the advantages of more wear resistance, greater tensile strength, softer leather and better air permeability.
Compared with real leather, PU synthetic leather has the advantages of lighter weight, waterproof, less swelling or deformation after water absorption, environmental protection, lighter odor, easy care, low price, and more patterns can be pressed on the surface.