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What are the covers of the loose-leaf notebook

The cover of loose-leaf notebook has a variety of textures, including genuine leather, imitation leather, imported color-changing leather, baiPU leather, artificial leather, PVC, Oxford cloth, canvas, nylon cloth, binding fabric, binding paper, special paper, plastic-coated paper and so on. The mass customization of loose-leaf notebooks can better reflect the humanized design, and the cover can be attached with LOGO in the form of bronzing, bronzing, multi-color anodized aluminum, silk printing, leather color printing, four-color offset printing, embroidery, laser engraving, metal nameplates, etc.
Like ordinary notepads, the cover of loose-leaf notepads can also be printed with various exquisite patterns and slogans. The colorful cover is also one of the factors that make loose-leaf notebooks popular. Binders are clamps used to fix paper. They are mainly loop-shaped, mostly metal or plastic products. They are usually fixed on the cover by two rivets. When removing the paper, just gently open the binder. Binders are a highlight of loose-leaf notebooks, and beautiful binders are favored by many people.


Binders are divided into a variety of hole numbers, mainly based on the size of the loose-leaf notebook to determine how many holes to use. The most common binders are divided into 6 holes, 9 holes, 20 holes, 26 holes and so on.
Because of the different textures, the colors of the binders are also different. Common white plastic binders and silver metal binders are common. At present, only a few domestic enterprises produce unique golden binders. The paper of loose-leaf notebooks is generally writing paper, mostly high-quality beige road forest paper and white double offset paper. This kind of paper writes smoothly, protects eyesight, the paper is more stiff, thick and durable, easy to tear, suitable for study, office, etc.
The loose-leaf notebook paper has round holes on one side, and the loose-leaf paper with the corresponding number of holes is used according to the different number of holes in the binder. Users who like DIY can also make holes by themselves to meet their different needs. The styles of loose-leaf notebooks are rich and varied, with buckle, buckle, and without buckle. The rich styles add a lot of color to the loose-leaf notebook.
Loose-leaf notebook accessories
An important reason why many people like loose-leaf notebooks is that loose-leaf notebooks can be made by hand, which requires some accessories, such as printers, to print loose-leaf paper in different formats; there are also punching machines, paper cutters, Clips etc.