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What are the characteristics of loose-leaf notebooks and paperback notebooks

Now more and more companies are starting to choose custom notebooks, why? Because now notebooks are not only stationery for keeping notes but also exquisite gifts for customers. It plays a role in promoting the external image of the enterprise. Notebook customization is generally divided into two types of notebooks: loose-leaf notebooks and paperback notebooks.
Loose-leaf notebook: also known as loose-leaf book, loose-leaf notepad; from the word "loose-leaf", we can know that the inner pages (inner core) of a loose-leaf notebook can be taken out or added at will.
Loose-leaf notebook features:
1. Sturdy and reliable, it can be turned and closed repeatedly.
2. You can tear off one of the pages at any time.
3. Flexible use, paper can be disassembled, replaced and combined at will to meet the user's DIY preferences.
4. The styles are rich and varied to meet the aesthetic and usage needs of different users.
5. After use, the inner core can be sorted and bound to facilitate future search and use.
Paperback notebook: Also known as a hardcover notebook, it is a kind of paper that uses hard paper or leather as the cover, which is not easy to be stained and is conducive to long-term preservation.
Paperback Notebook Features:
The cover is sturdy and protects the inner pages well. The inner core is generally locked with a needle, and then the inner core is attached with a cloth strip to strengthen the connection between the inner core and the envelope.