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Water powder painting brush for gouache?

The paint box is filled with paint. bai
   Then the gouache has to be washed after using the color, and no other clean paints can be used. This will make those paints dirty. Therefore, it is necessary to develop the habit of washing the pen frequently, and when the painting is good enough, you can put a clean rag to absorb the water in the chalk, so as not to have too much water, which will cause the painting to have a heavy feeling and not look good , There are also paints to be willing to use, don't bear it, the gouache can not be too thin or too thick, this painting can be experienced in a period of time.
   There is nothing wrong with the stains with similar colors. If the difference is too large, such as black and white, if the two touches, you can scrape it off with a spatula that stirs the paint.
   It’s okay to draw gouache and use a pen to feel comfortable. I don’t think it’s as particular as a sketch. The most important thing is that you draw a good picture in the end.

   The paint needs to be stirred frequently, because when you paint a picture, it will get dirty again, so tidy it up more so that it looks comfortable. This habit will be better after you get it started.
   For painting gouache, you can go to the Internet to search for the video of stippling gouache and see, it will help you improve.
   Also, when painting gouache, you must be bold, not so petty, bold and bold, and don’t be afraid of making mistakes, so that you can discover problems and solve them in time.
   Ask the painting teacher more, talk to the teacher more about his views on painting, talk about ideas and some misunderstandings, so that it can be helpful to painting.
Buy more books to read, and sometimes there are too many paintings, and sometimes you don’t want to paint. At that time, you have to calm down or ask for leave to adjust. This situation will happen. Please read the books carefully and patiently. The theoretical knowledge is really helpful. There is no need to care too much about how to use the pen. Everyone has their own habit. As long as the drawing is done, it is good. There is no need to deliberately change it or anything. This is not as restrictive as sketching.