Sketching skills, experience and precautions


Character sketching, bai by definition, is a drawing me […]

Sketching skills, experience and precautions

Character sketching, bai by definition, is a drawing method that uses concise lines du to draw the shapes and movements of people and objects in a relatively short period of time. In the process of practicing dao, many students find that the proportions of the human body are not coordinated, or the movements of the human body are awkward and unsightly. In fact, the problem is that they did not grasp the things that should be paid attention to in the character sketches, resulting in poor handling of the key points, so let's talk about it Talk about the precautions that must be paid attention to in the character sketchcustomized Stationery Aesthetic 48K Notebook.
Putting aside the level of painting techniques, let’s start with the conception. We must have a clear conception for the creation of any work. We must be able to observe the shape and the spirit of the characters, and strive to "write the gods in the form", because we want Understand that in character sketching, it is important to pursue the greatest convergence between the form and the real character, but the "likeness" is more important.


From the perspective of drawing skills, we must first grasp the main points, that is, the main parts of the character, the head, thorax, and limbs. In particular, we must grasp the proportional relationship between the various parts, and pay attention to the decision of the turning point of the bones. The position of the human body movement must be accurate and realistic when writing.
Secondly, we must know how to delete the complex and simplify, not to cover everything. We know that in the process of observing characters, the folds of clothes on the image of the characters are the most complicated and cumbersome. You must learn to grasp the lines that best reflect the dynamics, remove those chaotic lines, and avoid applying even force, such as the most complex faces. Can spend more energy.
Finally, and the most important point is the state that is more difficult for beginners to reach, that is, "making something out of nothing." It refers to the key to the physical structure of the character. Even if it is not obvious through observation, we must learn to combine and express through the texture and movement of the clothes. Some places can even be deliberately exaggerated in order to better integrate The characters are vividly expressed. This is "making something out of nothing" and turning the fictitious into reality. It needs students to slowly summarize and experience during the practice. The above is the summary of Beijing Art Studio for you.

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