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More than a hundred new stationery in the Forbidden City

The Forbidden City Cultural and Creative Industries welcomes new members today, and the "Forbidden City on the Desk" Forbidden City Stationery brand is officially released.

The turret paper-carved notebook, the notebook with thousands of miles of drawings, the tenon-and-mortise rubber, the piano rhyme streamer multi-function folding table lamp... This time, a total of more than 100 models of student stationery, office stationery, business stationery, gift box stationery and educational stationery were released. The products cover more than 140 varieties such as booklets, pens, bags, learning lamps, desktop storage, and stationery sets.
According to reports, by the end of 2020, the Forbidden City’s stationery variety will increase to more than 300, realizing the full coverage of stationery. Forbidden City Stationery is designed with high practicality and fun ingenuity, conveying the culture and aesthetics of the Forbidden City. In terms of quality, it strives to be safe, environmentally friendly and well-made, and produces stationery with as strict safety standards as possible.

Among the first-released Forbidden City Stationery, there are not only "high-value" products such as "Jiaolou Paper Carving Notebook" and "Thousand Miles Jiangshan Drawing Carving Notebook", as well as educational stationery such as "Ton and Tenon Eraser" and "Plaque Eraser", as well as "Qin Yun "Streaming multifunctional folding table lamp", "Universal storage bag inside" and other products with both technological and cultural connotations.
The rubber designed with the plaque elements of the Forbidden City can be combined arbitrarily like Lego toys. Photo courtesy of the Palace Museum

Among them, the plaque rubber suit designs the plaques in the Forbidden City, such as "Zhengda Guangming", "Hua Ri Shuchang", "Zhongzheng Renhe", "Guanxiang Tonggan", and "Zhuang Jingriqiang" in the Forbidden City. Like Lego toys, combine them into pen holders or other shapes.