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How to use a paper notebook

In the information age, science and technology have indeed solved many problems for us, but it has also deprived us of many primitive skills such as writing. Now, the convenience of electronic notepads has largely replaced paper notebooks, but paper notebooks also have their irreplaceable advantages.
How to record the contents of a paper notebook:
1. Be short and concise.
It is precise because of the slow writing speed that we should cherish golden words when taking notes. Paper notes aren't our best option for documenting long-form content (of course, some people just like the feel of writing, which is another option). Try to avoid writing large paragraphs, even if it's just for recording information.
2. Neat.
Because the writing speed is slow, and sometimes in pursuit of speed, many people write very scribbly. It's a record, but when you look back, you don't know what it was. Scribbled fonts and cluttered typography can also affect your desire to see it. Taking notes doesn't require how pretty your words are, but at least write them clearly, horizontally, and vertically. If you're relatively weak in this area, try a notebook with horizontal stripes or squares.
3. Create a partition.
According to the characteristics of the content, we need to establish corresponding sections on the notebook, which is the key that many people do not realize or lack attention to. Many people like to record in a book what they need to do that day. Meanwhile, the meeting. As you read, take notes from meetings or read notes in a book. They all use the method of sequential recording, i.e. the order of books and papers.

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