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How to write the preface of the diary?

What is life bai? Life is a simple and profound word, life du is a zhi process created for oneself; life is a moment that makes oneself shine. Life is like a book, a deep and heavy book that can only be written in a lifetime, but not all people can write well and understand the book.
The first cry of a baby in the delivery room is the preface of the book, and the name of the book is the name of the baby. With the passage of time, small lives are slowly growing up, and the book of life gradually becomes a chapter. There are glorious, dim, successful footprints, and skewed footprints, joy and tears, passion and loss coexist.



To write and read the book of life well, you need to dedicate all your life, even your precious life. In the practice of social life, each of us unconsciously writes about our own life, and unconsciously reads our own life.
In the complex environment of nature, each of us is struggling to write our own lives. The book of life, whether you like it or not, must be written or read, and it must be written and read well.
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Thirty-six thousand days, every night a candle. How short a day is, a hundred years like a sea of ​​change--- (Tang Li Bai)
Young people are easy to get old and hard to learn. An inch of time is not to be taken lightly. Before you realize the dream of spring grass in the pond, the phoenix leaves before the steps are already in autumn (Song·Zhu Xi)
In order to understand how short life is, one must walk a long life path --- (Schopenhauer)