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How to write a paragraph in a diary on behalf of my past?


A diary is a true record of a person’s work, study, thoughts, experiences, events, words, etc. in a day. The style of diary originated earlier in our country. It can be said that the primitive society's knotted notes

It is the oldest and most primitive diary method. The diary with written records has a history of more than two thousand years. Liu Xiang's "New Preface · Miscellaneous Things 1" in the Han Dynasty contains:

There are also records. The great Southern Song Dynasty poet Lu You's Notes of the Old School Temple also has a record of Huang Luzhi has a diary, who travels for his family, and he never stops writing in Yizhou.
As the name implies, a diary should be kept. So, what are the advantages of writing a diary, what are the characteristics of a diary, the type of diary and what should be paid attention to when writing a diary. Below I will focus on the above four

Let’s talk about personal opinions in all respects.
One, the benefits of keeping a diary.
Insist on keeping a diary, in summary, there are five advantages:
First, the diary is a weapon to spur yourself forward. When students write a diary every day, they are looking back and checking their performance that day. Today’s diary is a summary of today, and at the same time

It also means the requirements for tomorrow. Often writing such a diary can urge oneself to live diligently and with integrity, but also to temper one's own thinking, cultivate one's sentiment, and spur one's own success.

For the \'Four You\' newcomers.
Second, the diary is the footprints in the journey of life. When writing the diary, it records the date of the day. Once you need to check the past, you can find the footprints of the journey of life. Therefore, the diary has the search

The purpose of can make up for the lack of memory.
Third, the diary is a warehouse for accumulating composition materials and materials. The life of the students is full of colorful sunlight. If you don't write it down immediately, you will forget it later. A good memory is not as good as a bad pen,

If you write down a little bit every day, over time, your diary will become material library,data room. Once you need it, you can check it easily, which is convenient.
Fourth, the diary is a magic weapon to improve the ability to observe and analyze life. Because to write a diary, students must carefully observe everything around them, for a long time, observe and analyze students

The ability to live is stronger. Now, many students are writing observation diary. This is an effective way to practice writing. It is conducive to students' thinking, eyesight, and writing.
Fifth, writing a diary is an extremely effective measure to improve writing ability. Writing a diary is not about writing everything, and recording your feelings, but having choices. In this way, when you consider what to write, you will exercise your standing.

Consciousness, the ability to select materials; when considering expression, the ability to tailor, layout, and choose words and sentences is exercised. Therefore, the diary expression is not restricted and frequently exchanged, which exercises various styles of writing

Ability. Because the diary is written every day, Ba is using his brain every day, practicing his pen, and practicing a lot, with open thinking, rich materials, smooth sentences, and his writing ability has gradually improved.
Second, the characteristics of the diary.
A diary is a kind of practical writing. It is a concise and concise record of what you see, heard, words, and thoughts during the day. The diary is mainly written for yourself, and it is your own life.

A memoir of thought. Diary is different from the general style and has its own characteristics. In summary, the diary has five characteristics:
First, the contents of the diary are all events that happened on the day. Even though memories, associations and interludes are not excluded in the narrative process, it is still mainly to narrate the events of the day.

The day must be remembered, don't fishing for three days, drying the net for two days.
Second, the diary writing method is free. The diary is not restricted by the way of expression. Narration, description, argumentation, lyricism and explanation can be used, and sometimes it can be used in several ways. Generally speaking, students write

The diary is mainly narrative, it can be prose, essay, it can be excerpt, summary, it can also be poem, epigram.
Third, the content of the diary is not limited. The material of the diary is free, rich in content, you can write important events and news, you can also write ordinary life trivia; you can record learning, work and thinking

Experience and experience can also tell the ups and downs of life. In short, you can write down all the things or thoughts that you find meaningful and need to be written down. In addition, the diary is not limited by length.

I am willing to write a long, eloquent thousand-character essay; if I like to write short, I can write it in refined and meaningful three words.
Fourth, the diary is written in the first person. A diary, no matter the length or the number of things, is a record of what I has seen, heard, thought, and felt in a day. The content of the diary is made up of

I thought and activity run through the incident. Therefore, the diary must be in the first person.
Fifth, the diary has a simple format. Generally, write the year, month, day, and day of the week in the first line first, and you can also write the weather conditions of the day. Its position can be centered, or left or to the left.

Right. Then start another line to write the text. In order to see clearly, sometimes you can add a title to point out the main content of the day's diary.
Third, the type of diary.
There are three common types for middle school students to write diaries:
1. Memo style. This is the basic form of a diary, which mainly uses general expressions. Such as:
30th sunny
In the morning, I sent the translation manuscript to the Life Bookstore, and bought fifteen copies of The Watch, which is four yuan and two jiao.
Visit Li Xiaofeng at Beixin Bookstore. Visit the third brother at the Commercial Printing Branch, and go to Guanshengyuan for lunch. Afternoon
I got the letter from He Baitao. In the afternoon, Qingqu came and presented four boxes of preserved fruits and four kinds of books.
("Lu Xun's Diary" Vol.2, page 966)
Note: ①Quan: Another name for ancient coins.
Mr. Lu Xun wrote in this diary to buy "Watches", visit Li Xiaofeng and his third younger brother, receive letters, donate preserved fruits, donate books, etc. The memo function is obvious. This kind of memo-style diary is extremely concise and not

Remember the meticulous content and specific process of the incident, without discussing, describing and lyrical content. If students insist on writing this type of diary, it will help to cultivate a serious attitude towards life and avoid