How to quickly distinguish loose-leaf notebooks of various materials?


Now it's the busiest time in the custom-made notepad in […]

How to quickly distinguish loose-leaf notebooks of various materials?

Now it's the busiest time in the custom-made notepad industry every year, and most companies and bai units are preparing for custom-made business gifts at the end of the year. In order to customize the notebook, the customer's choice now is much more rational than in previous years. In the past few years, as long as it is a notebook, no matter how poor the workmanship, fabric, and paper are, everyone will not mind too much, because the market is inferior. There are too many products, everyone is used to it. However, in the past two years, the general customer's choice of customized notebooks is completely different from the requirements of previous years. Now they require not only excellent quality, new fabrics, and excellent materials, especially for workmanship, the requirements are even higher.
In general, we all Stationery Co., Ltd. will develop dozens of latest PUChina A5 PU leather notebooks suppliers fabric notepads for customers every year, but there are many loose-leaf notepads, as customers, they generally see whether your company is professional if they understand the products. , To judge from the image, and then to consider the quality of the product itself, and finally choose the notebook manufacturer that is satisfied to provide them with services. Therefore, most customers are not very clear about the fabric materials of loose-leaf notebooks. They only know that the fabrics on the market are leather, PU, ​​PVC and other main raw materials, but they cannot judge the products made of these materials, so I give Everyone briefly introduces the identification and identification of various fabrics.


Let’s talk about leather first. This concept is relatively easy to understand. Everyone has the habit of buying leather shoes or wallets. These are generally made of leather. Because it is cowhide, the material is thicker and feels very comfortable. sense. Notepads customized with genuine leather are generally made of genuine leather. The inner grid is made of PU with a texture similar to the leather fabric. This is to save costs, and the inner grid is not easy to wear, so everyone is used to it. this method.
PU is a high-quality material in leather. Its characteristics are actually very good. It is better than some high-end PU materials that feel better than ordinary leather. Of course, the cost is not low. In terms of appearance effect, I think the notepad made of PU is more atmospheric than the leather, because the fiber of PU is more uniform. After making the finished notepad, the overall effect is very crisp, which can highlight the appearance of your notepad. Of course, the leather notebook should be very stiff, and the craftsmanship has to be much more complicated, because if the leather fiber is damp, it is easy to deform and swell. If the craftsmanship is not handled properly, the effect will be poor. This depends on the professional production level of the factory.
As for the PVC material, it should be regarded as the most common material in leather, and it is also the most common material. Many of the materials used in making notepads in the Mainland are PVC. The notepad made of PVC material feels very rough, and even feels like a prickly hand. Because the cost of PVC is the lowest among these three materials. As the saying goes, one price is one product. If you look closely at a notebook made of PVC, you will find many unsatisfactory details. The roughness of these details is except for the material. In addition to the poor selection, it is also related to the positioning of the custom-made manufacturers. Since the selection of such ordinary materials must be considered for the cost. They do not have the right to consider the fabric in order to save costs. The accessories, hardware, cardboard, etc. Savings will be considered in all links such as inside pages. After the finished product of such a loose-leaf notebook comes out, the overall effect will become very low-grade, and you can see that it is the kind of product that cut corners.
Simply speaking, I hope that customers can have a general understanding of customized notebooks, so as not to make them dissatisfied with products.

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