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How to make a diary by yourself?

There is a tool for making your own paper on the Internet. you can think about it.
According to your preference, cut the paper to the size you like, choose a harder paper and use the printer to meet your favorite pattern, other papers can also use the printer to meet the grid, patterns and the like (you can print the recommended in Baidu pictures的分线), use a hole punch or stapler to order it.
You can also go to boutiques or mobile phone stores to buy shiny stickers for mobile phones and stick them on the cover of the diary. It is very unique and unique. You can paste the cover of the book or paste it into a picture you like.
Use corrugated paper to stick to the back of a small picture, and then stick the other side of the corrugated paper to the cover of the diary, it will appear three-dimensional.
It is recommended that you go to a stationery store (should also be available at the stationery counters of large supermarkets) to buy some graphic punching machines to make special graphics inside or outside your diary.
You can also buy some colored cardboard and use it as an attachment to your diary.
O(∩_∩)O~ Do it according to your liking. It is not difficult. Look at the pictures of other diaries, and you will find a style you like.