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How to draw the starry sky with colored lead?

1. Cut grass. Use black to outline the mountain peak, and dark blue du color to draw the lake. zhi began to draw small trees from the top of the mountain. Don't focus on the details of small trees in Zhuan. Cover them with dark green later, and it will be natural. Finally, strengthen the mountain and the lake. Please see the renderings.
2. Draw stars. Draw the stars in yellow. Arrange the position of the stars according to your preferences. It can be positioned in various constellations. You can also use geometric figures as a reference. It's very casual here. You can also add a meteor tail.
3. Bottom line. Use dark blue for the first layer of night sky. The stroke is 15 degrees from the surface of the paper. Then use purple as the base of the night sky on the second layer, with the same angle as above. The renderings follow.
4. Strengthen the depth. Use a black pen to outline the edges of the stars. Use 15-degree strokes for the third layer of primer.
5. Add more depth. It feels not deep enough here. I used a 60-degree brushstroke to enhance it, and used the fourth layer to base it. Complete the sky map.
6. Group photo. The colors used this time are as follows. Because of the color difference of mobile phones, you don't need to care too much about the color. As long as you paint casually, painting is to make yourself feel better.