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How to design a beautiful diary?

First, you need to prepare a good-looking diary. This is the first step in writing a diary, and it is also the basis. It is best to have simple and not cumbersome illustrations in the diary.


To write a diary, you don’t have to have a good hand, but the font must at least look good and have its own style. If the original writing is not good, you can choose a cartoon font. When writing a diary, you don’t need to follow the traditional diary format. You can separate the weather in the diary, such as adding today’s date at the end.

For typesetting, we only need to divide what we have written into one paragraph. A paragraph can be just a sentence. When writing a diary, you might as well add some small illustrations next to certain words, which can be an emoticon or a Objects, but don’t add too much, just appropriate. , It can also be a paragraph or just a word.