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How harmful is the radiation from laptop computers to the body?

The four major hazards of computer radiation bai are as follows:
1. Computer radiation pollution can affect the human body's circulatory system, immunity, reproductive function and metabolic functions. In severe cases, it can also induce cancer and accelerate the proliferation of human cancer cells.
2. The main manifestations that affect people's reproductive system are the reduction of sperm quality in men, spontaneous abortion and fetal malformations in pregnant women.

3. The cardiovascular system that affects people is manifested as palpitations, insomnia, menstrual disorders, bradycardia, decreased cardiac blood volume, sinus arrhythmia, leukopenia, and decreased immune function in some women. 5S
4. It has an adverse effect on people's visual system. Since the eyes are the human body's sensitive organs to electromagnetic radiation, excessive electromagnetic radiation pollution will also affect the visual system. Mainly manifested as decreased vision, causing cataracts, etc.
The largest radiation area of ​​the notebook computer is above the keyboard, so the radiation is relatively small after closing the lid.
The radiation of the LCD screen is very small, and the CRT display is slightly larger, but they are all within a safe range; the rear and side radiation of the main unit are large, and it is strongly recommended not to use it with an open case for heat dissipation. The subwoofer speaker has serious radiation, so keep it at least halfway during use Meter distance; notebook radiation is concentrated on the top of the keyboard. When using the notebook, keep a distance from the power adapter.