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What are the main points of making a creative notepad

At first, notebooks were used to record things. Before words appeared, people usually recorded an event or a number in the form of knots to express a certain meaning and related information. For Dianmei Notepad, it can have many uses, such as recording time, just like when information technology is underdeveloped, records can be spread to other places. As far as the notepad is concerned, there are many places that can be used, such as meetings, promotions, celebrations, etc., which can all be used as a form of adding value or doing activities. Moreover, this form is long-lasting and impressive, and it is a good way for companies to spread their brands.

B5 black PP spiral book

It is also very important for notepad materials. Materials for making creative notebooks are not available. Different user experience brought to customers will have different relative prices.

In terms of materials, you can choose leather materials, such as polyurethane materials and leather. Generally speaking, more polyurethane materials are used to make creative notepad customization. Why? The main reason is that this material is relatively affordable and can be used for a long time; on the contrary, the price of leather material is a bit expensive, but the notepad made will be relatively high.

After selecting the materials, you can choose the cover making process of the notepad. In this regard, there are several options, such as bronzing, embossing, screen printing, laser and so on. Generally speaking, most of the notebook production work will choose embossing, mainly because the craftsmanship is beautiful and layered. Compared with bronzing and bronzing, embossing will appear low-key, so many customers will choose bronzing process to make the logo effect of the cover.

If the inner pages produced by creative notebooks are required to be relatively high-end, you can choose board paper, and paper such as Daolin paper is more suitable for writing purposes. In fact, creative notepads are made of a variety of papers, whether it is coated paper, double offset paper or other papers. Choose different papers according to the purpose.