Human Resources

Talent Concept

Human resources work always adheres to the "three musts", applies "three things", implements "three surrounds", and strives to create a good working environment for each employee, to maximize all positive factors, and to do their best. Make the best use of it to provide guarantees for the Group's rapid growth and efficient operation.
To further elaborate on the link:
"Three musts": If you want to unite, you must have it; if you want to use it, you must pay it; if you want to move it, you must be kind.
"Three things": uniting all the forces that can be united, using all available resources to mobilize all positive factors that can be mobilized.
"Three Surroundings": Focusing on the development of enterprise productivity, focusing on the improvement of the quality of employees, and contributing to the society.


Leader's Speech

Dear Delijia Family:

Welcome to join Delijia, a dynamic family!

Delijia is committed to building a world-class stationery manufacturer in this book, and is determined to become the world leader in stationery. Your arrival will definitely add a new vitality and vitality to Delijia Stationery.

It’s our fate to get together in Delijia. We are also looking forward to your integration into the big family of Delijia as soon as possible and become a part of Delijia! Here, your leaders and colleagues are your friends. We work equally and help each other in our work, and we are friendly in life. In such an environment, we look forward to your participation, and you are welcome to give us your valuable feedback.

I also sincerely hope that you will be able to spend a good time in your life during your work and become the most important part of your career development. I hope that you can use your talents and talents to share your team's glory and warmth and achieve your own ideals. Delijia's tomorrow will be more brilliant! To achieve the goal of a world-class company, let's work together! Delijia will be proud of you! Thank you!


Recruitment Plan

Position Name
Tybe Of Job
Work Place
Release Time
Hardcover dragon captain
Equipment technology
Salary: Negotiable
Job Categories: Equipment Technology
Recruitment period: long-term recruitment

Description Of Job:


1. According to the requirements of the supervisor of the workshop, complete the production task on time and in volume, and complete the production task for the current month;

2, production operations according to process requirements;


Job Requirements:


1. Require relevant work experience;

2. Organized, coordinated, and responsible.



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