Yuanqiao Middle School held the 8th ‘Delijia Scholarship’ Awards Ceremony


  Recently, the 8th “Delijia Scholarship” awarding […]

Yuanqiao Middle School held the 8th ‘Delijia Scholarship’ Awards Ceremony


Recently, the 8th “Delijia Scholarship” awarding ceremony was held in Taizhou Yuanqiao Middle School. More than 2,000 students and faculty members and parents of the award-winning students attended the scholarship awarding ceremony. Mr. Qi Yanyan, the chairman of Zhejiang Delijia Stationery Co., Ltd., the person in charge of the school, and the head of the school, presented awards to the award-winning students.

Qi Yanyan said that the company has set up this scholarship to encourage students with good academic performance and to give back to the society for their love and support. It is hoped that the award-winning students will cherish this bonus, cherish the learning opportunities and repay the society with excellent results. Our company will continue to do its utmost for the development of the school.

As a representative of the award-winning students, Zheng San, a high school (10) class, expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the leaders of Delijia and the leaders of all levels. She said that she is very happy to receive this scholarship. At the same time, she will make great achievements in the college entrance examination through her unremitting efforts. She will never disappoint the hopes of the school and the community, become a useful talent in the society, and better reward her alma mater. society. Subsequently, the parents of the award-winning students gave a thank-you note. 72 award-winning students from the school took the stage to receive the award.

It is understood that the "Delijia" scholarship was established in 2010, once a year, each time a total of 50,000 yuan. It is the outstanding private enterprise of Deanqiao Town, Delijia Stationery Co., Ltd., which is designed to reward the society and support the educational development of the Institute Bridge Middle School.

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